Stockholm 2016

Turkish singer Serhat to represent San Marino

San Marino’s broadcaster SMRTV has revealed the name of the artist they’re the sending to Stockholm. Turkish singer Serhat will be flying the Sammarinese flag in Stockholm.
Serhat Hacıpaşalıoğlu will represent San Marino with a song which will be selected at a later date. San Marino choosing a Turkish singer is no surprise, looking at the Turkey rumours surfacing last week. With sending a Turkish singer, San Marino follow the trick they had with Kamila Ismailova in Junior Eurovision 2015. They’ll be hoping to collect most of the Turkish diaspora votes in order to qualify for the final.
The 51 year old started his musical career back in 1997. As well as being a singer, Serhat is a TV host with some good successes and nominations to his name.
Serhat doesn’t actually speak Italian, so most of the press conference was in English. He added that him representing San Marino may be unusual, but he thinks it’s a good example for all human beings to think outside the box. Serhat has over one million views on his latest single, Je M’Adore. He sings in English, Russian, Turkish and French, so it’s interesting to see what he’s going to bring to the Eurovision stage.
The song will be revealed at a later date. During the press conference, it was even said that the language of the song had not been chosen yet. For now, take a look at his 2014 success, Je M’Adore, below!

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