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Georgia reveal their five songs – Twitter reacts

A while ago, Georgia surprised the Eurovision fandom once more when they selected Nika Kocharov & The Young Georgian Lolitaz to represent them in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. They then called for songs and those songs have now been revealed.
Kocharov and his band called for alternative songs and boy, did they get them. The five were released earlier tonight and if you want alternative rock, you’re going to get it from Georgia. The songs range from mellow rock ballads to very loud alternative rock. Then again, it’s all alternative and indie.
The following song titles have made the cut. You can watch the songs by clicking them below.

The hardcore Eurovision fans were watching the release, which took place on the late night show Kommunikatori. Here’s how they reacted:
All in all, not a great reaction to the Georgian songs. It seems Nika Kocharov & The Young Georgian Lolitaz may be a little too alternative for the Eurovision stage. A lot will come down to the live performance and how they act on stage. If they can get their style across, who knows what Georgia could actually do.

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