Stockholm 2016

Interview: Lia panicking about coffee stains

Austria is getting ready to chose their candidate for Stockholm – time for us to have a little chat with some of the participants of tonight’s national final „Wer singt für Österreich?“. Here are Lia‘s answers to our questions. Why do you want to be part of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016?
Lia: The ESC is the biggest music event in the world. To perform on that enormous stage and have the honor to represent your home country is not only a very beautiful thing to do but also one of my childhood dreams coming true.
X: Where did you get your inspiration for the song “Runaway“?
L: “Runaway“ was the result of a jam session. The basic structure of the song came very easily. It was finished by using our combined experience. The song contains a message of love to not ever give up on your dream. It’s about reconciliation and new beginnings. We wanted to keep the message a positive one.
X: Moments before your performance at the ESC you notice a huge coffee stain on your dress. What are you gonna do?
L: As I will be wearing a white dress, I would have a bit of a problem indeed. Is it even possible to get coffee stains out of your clothes at all? Dear God, I have to google that right now!

X: In the middle of your performance the music stops all of a sudden. How do you react?
L: I keep on singing no matter what. As an artist you have to be ready for any kind of incidents. I have already experienced so much on stage…
X: What is your secret for the perfect apfelstrudel?
L: I have something to admit. I barely know how to bake – my last try to make muffins was a complete disaster. But if I should attempt to make apfelstrudel one day after all, I would definitely chose Styrian apples!
We’d like to thank Lia very much for answering our question and wish her the best of luck at „Wer singt für Österreich?“.

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