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Interview: What Elly V does when technology fails

It’s less than an hour before Austria starts their show to select their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. We spoke to one of the youngest singers of the group, Elly V. Here’s how she replied to our questions. Hey Elly! Why did you apply to be part of Wer singt für Österreich? 
E: To be quite honest, I didn’t apply. I was asked by an ORF employee, who ‘discovered’ me, to compete. I did need a night of sleep to make my decision, because it’s quite a big occasion and I wasn’t sure if the occasion might even be too big for me. In the end I decided to participate, because I’m very curious and I didn’t want to ask myself the question ‘What if I would’ve competed?’
X: What can you tell us about I’ll Be Around (Bounce)?
E: It’s a very modern mix of mid- and uptempo. My song is about a situation, which never leaves your life. It always accompanies you and you’ll need to learn how to deal with it. That’s why I hope my song can help people, because I often look for songs that speak to me from the soul and make me feel better.
X: What does your ideal first date look like?
E: So, I don’t really plan my first date. I’m more of a spontaneous person and I don’t want anything that makes me feel stressed, so no candle light dinners or anything. Maybe take a walk during the day, then perhaps Italian food and for dinner, we’d just order takeaway and watch a few series.
X: Imagine, during your performance in WSFÖ, the technology fails and your music stops. What now?
E: Funny enough, that once happened to me already! During a performance, I accidentally turned my microphone off… I however didn’t understand that it was my fault. I just thought there were technical issues. In such moments I just carry on singing and take it with humour, because I’m someone who laughs quite quickly. So when the music drops out on 12th February, you can just assume that I’ll burst out in laughter!
X: Your idol (who is your idol?) calls you. She’d love to do a duet with you, but there’s one tiny issue. She’s only available on 12th February, the day of the national final. What do you do? Record the duet or participate in the show?
E: That’s one tough question! My idols, by the way, are Tori Kelly, Ella Eyre and Christina Aguilera. I think I’d still ask her if we could move the date and I’d buy her a ticket for the show. I’m 100% she’d understand how important this day is for me and that I’d love to wait for the day where she’d make time for our duet again!

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