Stockholm 2016

Interview: Simone about confidence and pressure

It’s time for Denmark tonight with Dansk Melodi Grand Prix taking place. There are a couple of favourites and we were lucky enough to have a chat with DMGP stalwart and 2016 favourite, Simone. Check out what she had to say below! What makes you keep trying at DMGP? What would it mean for you to take part in Eurovision?
Simone: Being a part of DMGP is a huge experience and to get to performe in front of so many people on such a big stage, is something I would always say yes to do. It would mean a lot because it has always been a big dream of mine.
X: You have received a lot of support for your entry “Heart Shaped Hole” on social media and betting websites. Is that something that boosts your confidence or puts pressure on you for being one of the favourites?
S: To get such a positive responce of the song is definitely a confidence booster. And I choose not to see it as a pressure.
X: What do you think of your competitors in the final? Tell us something about your favourites?
S: I think that all the competitors has amazing songs and I haven’t been able to pick out a favorite yet.
X: You’re famous since you were that little girl who won the TV talent show Scenen er din. How do you imagine your ESC experience in Stockholm and then having a consolidated name in Europe as a whole?
S: I would be beyond words, excited and joyful – I think – it would be one of my biggest dreams coming true.
X: What is the story behind the inspiration and the creative process of the song?
S: I haven’t been a part of the whole creative part of the song. So that you have to ask Carl Ryden and Andrew Love about.
X: Could you tell us something about your staging?
S: I can’t tell much other than its going to be full of effects and emotions.
X: Would you have a different staging in Stockholm?
S: I have no idea 🙂
X: Who are your favourite singers and why?
S: Céline Dion, Whitney Houston, Beyonce – all multitalented and performers on the highest level that I can think of.
X: Who in the Danish music scene would you like to do a duet with or even try Eurovision with? Why?
S: Christoffer because of his amazing voice and energy on the stage.
X: What’s a guilty pleasure of yours?
S: I love chocolate!

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