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Laura Pinski: “In the past two years we already submitted entries” [Interview]

2016 is the year Ralph Siegel returns to the German national final. He, together with his old friend Bernd Meinunger (under the name John O’Flynn), has composed the song Under The Sun We Are One. He’ll be hoping to represent Germany once more with a young singer: Laura Pinski. And we were lucky enough to speak to her. Check it out below! Hey Laura! First of all, congratulations on being part of Unser Lied für Stockholm! Did you apply or were you asked to participate?
Laura Pinski: I already took part in Das Supertalent in 2012 and I made it into the final there. Ralph Siegel saw me in the show back then and then contacted me. He asked me whether I’d be interested to work together with him – and obviously I was! In the past two years we already submitted entries, aber those were sadly not selected for the show. This year however, we were lucky and we’re even happier 🙂
X: Where does the Eurovision dream come from?
L: I’ve had this Eurovision dream for a long time. From a young age, I’ve followed the show year after year with my family. It’s a kind of tradition for us.
X: Your song is called Under The Sun We Are One. What can you tell us about that song?
L: The title already gives some of it away, but the song is about the fact that every human being – whether rich, poor, big or small, growing up in war or peace – is actually equal. We have to love and respect each other and we can’t make our lives even more difficult than it already is.
X: With your participation, you bring Ralph Siegel back into the German Eurovision spotlight. What’s it like to work with such a legend?
L: For ‘the little girl Laura’ that’s quite something. He already celebrated major successes and he’s a great producer. Besides that, he’s a very nice and honest person. Especially his honesty was important for me when working together, because that’s what gives me the opportunity to improve further and further, until the point on which we are both happy with the result. That’s important to me, because I want to give the best of me when I get the opportunity to work with such an incredible person.
X: Which Eurovision song composed by Ralph Siegel do you like best?
L: Ein Bisschen Frieden or Dschinghis Khan.
X: In the past few years, Germany’s results haven’t been too amazing. What do you think has to change in order for the results to improve again?
L: I honestly don’t know what should change. The artists of the last few years were very strong vocally. My gut feeling however simply tells me that we need someone who can touch people all over Europe with their style and song.
X: What will your secret to victory be?
L: I honestly don’t have a secret to get to victory. I’m simply looking forward to the night and I will enjoy the momeny where I can stand on such a big stage. I am who I am and won’t change that – that’s important to me. And I obviously really hope that I can reach out to people with my song and my personality. But whether I am the right one for the victory, and in case I am, why I am, that’s a decision for the people at home. 🙂
X: Just imagine you don’t win the show. Which of the other acts do you think will win in that case?
L: That’s a really tough question. Every single one of the other acts is fantastic and so diverse. I can’t really pick just one.
X: What’s your motto in life?
L: Live your dream.
X: Could you describe what your reaction would look like if you’d win tonight?
L: To be honest, I haven’t thought about that at all. I think that if I’d have the honour of actually achieving that, I’d cry from happiness. In such cases my eyes just open the gates of tears – I think that’s something human too. 🙂
We’d like to thank Laura Pinski for her time to answer our questions and we’d like to wish her the best of luck in tonight’s Unser Lied für Stockholm. You can check out Laura’s entry here

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