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More tickets to go on sale on Monday

The EBU has announced that more tickets will go on sale next Monday, 29th February. 10,000 tickets will be sold, starting at 10:00 CET.
The 10,000 tickets will be spread out over the nine shows: the three televised shows as well as the two dress rehearsals per show. That means a little over 1000 tickets will be available for each show, so you’d better be quick or the tickets will be gone before you can get your hands on them.
The dates and times for the shows are as follows, with all times in CET:
Semi-final 1:
Jury show: 9th May 21:00 (with performances from France, Spain and Sweden)
Dress rehearsal: 10th May 15:00
Semi-Final 1 Live broadcast: 10th May 21:00
Semi-final 2:
Jury show: 11th May 21:00 (with performances from Germany, Italy, United Kingdom)
Dress rehearsal: 12th May 15:00
Semi-Final 2 Live broadcast: 12th May 21:00
Grand Final:
The Jury Final: 13th May 21:00
Final dress rehearsal: 14th May 13:00
The Live Grand Final: 14th May 21:00
Please note that tickets will only be available through the official ticket partner, AXS. The ticket partner has released information regarding the sale here. Make sure you check that out if you’re intending to buy tickets on Monday!

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