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Andra chansen duels revealed and all songs released in Sweden

We’ve seen four semifinals, we’ve eliminated twelve songs and now, we’re left with eight automatic finalists and eight songs that will fight for one more chance to perform on the Melodifestivalen 2016 stage.
As every single song has performed on the stage, the songs are now freely available for streaming, purchase and watching again.
Our eight finalists, in order of qualification, are:

  • Ace Wilder – “Don’t Worry”
  • Robin Bengtsson – “Constellation Prize”
  • David Lindgren – “We Are Your Tomorrow”
  • Wiktoria – “Save Me”
  • Oscar Zia – “Human”
  • Lisa Ajax – “My Heart Wants Me Dead”
  • Molly Sandén – “Youniverse”
  • Frans – “If I Were Sorry”

Next week, we have more business still to come in Melodifestivalen though. The eight remaining songs have been paired off against each other. Four duels, four winners, four finalists.
Here are the duels for Andra chansen in Halmstad next week:

  1. Panetoz – “Håll om mig hårt” versus
  2. Molly Pettersson Hammar – “Hunger”
  1. Albin & Mattias – “Rik” versus
  2. Boris René – “Put Your Love on Me”
  1. ISA – “I Will Wait” versus
  2. SaRaha – “Kizunguzungu”
  1. Dolly Style – “Rollercoaster” versus
  2. Samir & Viktor – “Bada nakna”

Who do you think will qualify to the Final through those duels… and the ultimate question: who will win Melodifestivalen 2016?


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