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"It's not brain surgery." – Laila Samuels [Interview]

Ever since the songs in this year’s Melodi Grand Prix have been released, Laila Samuels has been one of the biggest favourites for the win. Our editors also picked her as their winner, and tonight she will try to leave the same impact on the Norwegian viewers with her entry Afterglow. We’ve spoken to her about MGP, her favourite music, and Norwegian food. Check it out below! Hello Laila! First of all, we would like to congratulate you on being selected to compete in Melodi Grand Prix! How does it feel to be a part of this show?
Laila Samuels: -thank you- it’s just all very fun. And I had so much amazing feedback.. it’s a bit overwhelming.
X: Many fans predict Afterglow to win MGP, have you already thought about what it would be like to participate in Eurovision?
L: Alot of people predict different winners…I am seriously just happy that people seem to like it. That’s what keeps me going as a writer.
X: Could you tell us something about your performance?
L: I can tell you that i will be alone on stage…but the rest you have to wait and see. I am really excited to perform in spektrum-I I played there with my band back in the day – but I never sung there as a solo artist !
X: What is the story behind the lyrics of your song?
L: The story is about losing something…and the burning wish to get it back. It’s got a fighting spirit…but i didnt know till after i wrote it. I feel stronger when i sing it somehow.
X: Other than you, who else do you think would be a good representative of Norway at Eurovision?
L: I’m sure the girls of Laika could cause a commotion over in Stockholm. They are fun…im going to a concert with them in Berlin tonight actually. But the thing is… when the night of 27th is over-all the songs will live on. Everybody wins.
X: And now, some a bit more personal questions:
Do you have any lucky charm or a special ritual before you go on stage?

L: No … not really -maybe i should get one ! I just try to stay focused… and all i wanna do is entertain people really. It’s not a brain surgery. It’s supposed to be fun. for me and for the audience. I try not to take it too serious. But in a serious way 😉 haha
X: If you could colaborate with any musician, who would it be?
L: Prince.
X: Do you enjoy watching Eurovision? What are your favourite songs Norway has chosen before?
L: Nocturne.. Fairytale. Great songs -great performances that diserved to win.
X: When did you realise you wanted to become a singer?
L: I was singing and making up stories since i was 5-6… I never knew that i wanted to be a singer kind of just naturally happened.
X: What Norwegian food do you like the most?
L: Fish !
X: Is there something not many of your fans know about you?
L: I can whistle and smile at the same time 🙂
X: Do you have any message for our readers?
L: Stay loving… this eurovision crowd is the coolest crowd ever. Open minded-nobody says bad things about anyone. One love. Don’t change !
We’d like to thank Laila for her time to answer our questions and we’d like to wish her the best of luck in tonight’s Melodi Grand Prix. Check out her song, ‘Afterglow’ below!


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