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"I've never been this harmonic." – Molly Sandén [Sweden interview]

She might be the hot favourite to win Melodifestivalen 2016. She’s just 23 years of age and this is already her third entry in the Swedish competition. Even an early leak of her entry Youniverse didn’t harm her and tonight she’ll be hoping to qualify for the final of the Swedish national final: Molly Sandén. Check out what she had to say below! Hi Molly! First of all, congratulations on being in Melodifestivalen! Could you describe yourself in just five words?
Molly Sandén: Thank you! Hm… Positive, stubborn, loving, determined and spiritual
X: Looking at your semifinal, which other artist’s music do you like best?
M: I’m trying not to think about the competition at all, but if I had to chose only one participant to listen to I think it would be panetoz. I completely loved their song “Dansa Pausa”.
X: In case you don’t win – which of the other artists do you think has the biggest chance of winning?
M: Ace Wilder came second place last year so I think she has a great opportunity to win!
X: How would you describe your song in four words?
M: Much. Bigger. Than. Me.
X: Så Vill Stjärnorna, Why Am I Crying or Youniverse? And why?
M: Youniverse. Without a doubt. I was quite young when I competed with Så Vill Stjärnorna, and it didn’t feel 100% like me since I didn’t write it myself. Why Am I Crying will always have a special place in my heart because I needed it so much there and then when I was hurt and broken. But now I’ve never felt happier and I’ve never been this harmonic. So I think this song and the message comes from “the right” place. A stronger and happier place.
X: Who of your two sisters do you think will enter Melodifestivalen first again? Mimmi or Frida?
M: I don’t think any of them is interested in competing anytime soon, but if I had to pick one it would be Frida.
X: If you would ever need fashion help: Which other Melodifestivalen participant would you go to?
M: Haha! Funny question! I think I’d pick Molly P Hammar. I know we would have so much fun out shopping together!
X: Can you describe us what your first reaction would be when you find out you’ve qualified for Finalen?
M: I thinks something like: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! 😮
X: Four years ago you were diagnosed with diabetes. How do you prevent having low blood sugar when going on stage? And what do you do if it happens during your performance?
M:  I make sure that I’m always a little higher than usual when I go on stage. When I’m just singing one song, like in Melodifestivalen, the risk of getting low sugar is extremely low, but when I have a longer concert I always prepare a soda backstage so I can go back and have a sip If I’m starting to feel bad.
X: Now let’s take it all the way: You’ve just won Melodifestivalen 2016. How would your ideal afterparty look?
M: I would rent a pizzeria and invite all participants, friends and some melodifestivalen fans for free vegetarian-pizza and beer! Beyoncé is welcome too ofc.
We’d like to thank Molly Sandén for her time to answer our questions and we’d like to wish her the best of luck in tonight’s Melodifestivalen Deltävling 4. Check out her rehearsal clip for ‘Youniverse’ below!

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