Stockholm 2016

Stockholm 2016 – Who Will Australia Send?

Only days away from the announcement of the Australian entry into the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest the rumors are buzzing and the hype train is ready to leave the station. But just who will Australia pick?
There is an interesting culture shift happening in the general public of Australia towards the contest. What used to be something we were separated from is something we are now, very gratefully, a part of. This separation allowed us some leeway able to react to the competition as more of a joke, but now that we are included in the wonderful world that is Eurovision, we are shifting gears and taking things very seriously. It is why I don’t think you’ll ever see a novelty act come out of Australia – our position in the contest is far too tenuous.
That said, the moment is almost upon us! With Conchita to announce the Australian entry at her concert with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra on Thursday. Just who will it be.
The favorite of course at this stage is none other than the quintessential Australian girl Delta Goodrem. Riding the wings (pun wholly intended) of her latest hit single and the success of writing Australia’s first entry in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, as sung by Bella Paige, it seems she has had a toe dipped in the contest for a while.

After a very tantalizing tweet by SBS today and after a hasty Google of dietary habits and the seemingly soy-Goodrem chai latte (for reference see the below advert) have the rumors been on point?
The dark horse is X Factor winner Dami Im. She has tantalized us with some shots on Instagram inside the recording studio (so did Delta) and being a strong solo female performer, she could surprise us all and be the chosen one, continuing to reflect Australia’s multiculturalism and inclusion. In another dietary search it turns out she does in fact eat meat. But are we reading too much into a trendy breakfast snap? I’m pretty sure I have a similar one on my Instagram account!
Hilariously there is a petition to send Shannon Noll to Eurovision. Runner up to Guy Sebastian in Australian Idol it seems people are pushing for a fair go for Nollsey (it is an Australian tradition to give everyone a nickname such as this). For the name of diversity however I sincerely hope this years entry is a female – equality is where the 21st century is at!
There are others rumored but I think it will be a while before I get my dream of a Tina Arena Arena Spectacular (interestingly she will be in Sydney as she has a concert the night after Conchita’s), or The Veronicas tWinning up the stage. Lofty hopes of 5SOS are just that, as all signs point to a solo artist. I don’t quite think the world is ready for as strong an accent as someone like Missy Higgins and I think we would all literally drop dead if somehow it ended up being Kylie (she might be too busy with wedding preparations though).
Whatever the out come of Thursday night, come Friday morning we will all know who Australia will be sending to Stockholm. I’ll be on the ground at the concert torn between the excitement of Conchita and the announcement. But you can be sure, the moment I know – You will too!

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