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Xtra Review: Amir – J'ai Cherché (France)

It wasn’t supposed to be revealed until March 12, but thanks to a few cheeky corners of the French media getting the hop on the official announcement, France 2 has come clean today and announced Amir with his single ‘J’ai Cherché’ as the French entry for Eurovision 2016.
Amir was born in France but moved to Israel as a child, where he participated in the Israeli Idol series. He is known in France thanks to reaching the final of the third French series of The Voice and now he has been internally selected to represent his country with ‘J’ai Cherché’ from his upcoming debut album.
Our team here at Xtra has had a listen to the French entry, and here is what we think! Do you agree?
Liam: A very strong, modern and frankly unexpected effort from France. Very clever use of language too. Just enough English to convey a bit of the message outside the francophone world while still maintaining linguistic pride. I’m very happy with this French offering.
Nathan: This is my favourite French entry since 2007. It’s great to see France sending something that’s both contemporary to what is being played on the radio there as well as something that best represents them and their language. The French should be very proud of this and I hope that they get a result to match the level of effort they’ve put in. I can’t wait to hear the 3 minute cut of this.
Brent: It’s like they have learnt from their last two attempts that they can’t go too kitch or to sincere and have found a great half way point. It’s up beat totally catchy and is one of my favorites to date. An English chorus was a master stroke. I’ll be singing this one a lot!
Simon: A proper and un-Eurovisiony contemporary pop song from France. Jolly good show!
Peter: A very strong pop song from France, not written for Eurovision but not deliberately trying to play against it either, as France has been known for doing. I like it a lot, but my only concern is that it’s more of a radio song and might not fare all that well in a competitive setting, not that that is a reason not to send it! I’m sure it will be tightened up in 3 minute form too.
Nick: Who would have thought? France is going the contemporary, young route with Amir. I’ve been a fan of his music for a while and think this is a brilliant effort. This should do rather well in May, I would guess.

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