Stockholm 2016

Live: Melodifestivalen – Andra chansen: Halmstad

Four semifinals have passed and we’re left with eight automatic finalists and another eight songs which have been handed a lifeline by the Swedish voting public by sending them through to tonight’s Andra chansen, the Second Chance round of Melodifestivalen 2016.
Gina Dirawi is our host, the same as every week this year, but she will be joined by two co-hosts tonight, both former Melodifestivalen finalists. Ola Salo, former lead singer of The Ark – the winner’s of the Swedish ticket to Eurovision in 2007 with “The Worrying Kind”, and Peter Jöback, who has most recently played the title role of The Phantom of the Opera in both London’s West End and New York’s Broadway – and finished ninth in the Melodifestivalen 2010 final with “Hollow”.
Gina Dirawi, Ola Salo and Peter Jöback - Melodifestivalen 2016, Andra chansen hosts
Each of the competing eight songs tonight has been paired with another to form a duel. The results of each duel will be kept secret until all eight songs have been performed and been voted on. At the end of the show, the running order will be presented and when we get to a gap in the order which requires an Andra chansen winner to be placed there, it will be filled in with the result of a duel from tonight’s show!
Tonight’s live blog will come to you from Sophie Haustein and , with Danny Ni tweeting along with the show @escXtra on Twitter and #melfest.
We will give you our opinions on tonight’s performances as well as our suggestions as to who will win each duel. Plus, stick with us to find out the running order for next week as well as the duel winners.
The running order for tonight’s duels is as follows:

Duel 1
  1. Panetoz – “Håll om mig hårt” versus
  2. Molly Pettersson Hammar – “Hunger”
Duel 2
  1. Albin & Mattias – “Rik” versus
  2. Boris René – “Put Your Love on Me”
Duel 3
  1. ISA – “I Will Wait” versus
  2. SaRaha – “Kizunguzungu”
Duel 4
  1. Dolly Style – “Rollercoaster” versus
  2. Samir & Viktor – “Bada nakna”

The live blog will start at 19:50 with the show starting at 20:00.

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