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Gabriela Gunčíková to Stockholm!

We finally have information from the last country to reveal anything for Eurovision 2016. Czech Republic will send  Gabriela Gunčíková to Sweden to fly their flag. The song she will sing will be called I Stand.
A while ago, a logo with the letter ‘G’ was given out as a clue to the Czech entry. That exact letter has now surfaced as the single cover for Gabriela’s song I Stand. The 22 year old rose to fame when she reached the final of SuperStar, a big Czech talent show. Her genres are mostly pop and rock.
A snippet of I Stand can be found on Amazon here. The eventual release date for the Czech entry will be tomorrow, 11th March, at 14:00 CET. Are you looking forward to it?
Update</strong: The video has now been released! You can watch it below – what do you make of the entry? Stay tuned to for our reviews!

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