Stockholm 2016

Greece: Listen to Utopian Land by Argo

Opa! The Greeks have landed and are inviting us into Utopian Land by the ensemble Argos. A traditional Greek sound with elements of ska and folk, in line with the comments of the ERT President Dionisis Tsaknis:

The song has strong ethnic and Balkan sounds, but not in a traditional way. It’s an exciting song in Greek, bringing the country’s own identity to the contest. The lyrics will refer to the refugee crisis and the financial difficulties we are facing, but the song is really happy and upbeat
The Group, previously named Europond, consisting of Christina Lachana, Maria Venetikidou, Vladimiros Sofiandidis, Kostas Topouzis, Ilias Kesidis and Alekos Papadopoulos, have just confirmed their entry for this years competition. And what a Greek entry it is! Will Argo smoothly sale into Stockholm and bring home the Golden Fleece? Only time will tell!

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