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Xtra Review: Dami Im – Sound of Silence (Australia)

After months of rumours, speculation, false reveals and teasers, we finally know the song that will represent Australia at Eurovision 2016, and it’s ‘Sound of Silence’ by Dami Im.
The song has already caused Australia to jump up a few places in the betting odds where the country is now a comfortable 3rd behind Sweden and Russia. Is ‘Sound of Silence’ worthy of the hype? Have a look at the video and judge for yourself – and if you’re still not sure, allow our team to make up your mind for you as we give our opinions on Australia’s sophomore effort.

Matteo: This goes straight into one of my favourites from this year, I can see a nice finishing for this, but I’m not yet sure if this can do better or worse than last year’s 5th place. I find it charming, but I think it’s missing some warmth in the sound.
Nick: Dami Im is a very competent live performer. If she gets her stage presence up to the same level as this song, we could well be off to… Germany? Poland? The United Kingdom? Anyway, if this works live on stage, it’s a definite contender for the victory. It’s certainly charming, impressive and contemporary. I’m a fan.
Peter: I wasn’t sold on Dami Im as a choice for Australia, but I can see and hear clearly here that she’s a class act. What I’m less sold on is the song. It’s a very slick and professional effort that could be a hit, but the chorus really need a good kick up the arse – it never really gets going and that will let it down on the night I feel.
Dimitris: The song turned out to be a lot better than I expected it to be. It is probably, if not the best, one of the best entries so far and definitely the best Australian entry (although there is no much competition). The song is really charming and with a great stage performance, I can see this getting another top 5 place for the country and why not, a victory.
Wivian: ‘Sound of Silence’ starts off really nicely, and I love the drums in the chorus, but halfway into the second verse I’m thinking “this song is very long”… I just find it terribly boring! It’s a contemporary pop ballad, and will most likely achieve a good result, but it is (rather surprisingly) not at all my cup of tea . And if she’s not flawless live this can be painful…
Nathan: I like this as much as I thought I would, a lot. She’s a competent vocalist that you just know that live it will be brilliant. Definitely going to end up top 5, I’d say.
Simon: Perfectly pleasant but very predictable and unoriginal. Its quality will get it good points among a broadly patchy batch of songs in 2016, but it will need some spectacular staging and stunning vocals if it is to match or exceed Australia’s debut result. It feels like a Sia demo, which is not a bad thing, but it needs to find that hook.


  1. Simon, the hook will come and everyone there will learn what happens when she does that \”Dami thing\” with a new song, she has only has 2 weeks to work on \”Sound of Silence\” and record it as well as shoot the music video! Just wait until she performs it after 2 months of preparation and rehearsals, then you will get to see what Dami Im can really do!

  2. The song is amazing, yes it does not take of like everyone expects, but the song is very catchy and Dami will slay them on the stage with her Beautiful stage presence, and she is the master and her Vocals are #1
    I have watched all the others and vocals are very important and I have only seen one or 2 that come close. It will be interesting on the live shows how they do.

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