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Samra releases her 'Miracle'

We’re nearly there! Azerbaijan has just released the entry they’re sending to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm. As revealed earlier this week, Samra will sing Miracle.
Samra is a 21 year old singer who managed to make it to the final of The Voice in Azerbaijan in the last series. Before that, she also entered O Ses Türkiye, the Turkish equivalent of The Voice. After that, the Azerbaijani broadcaster decided to internally select Samra for Eurovision.
It’ll be Samra’s task to bring Azerbaijan back into the top ten and keep their all time qualification record going. After six consecutive top ten finishes, Azerbaijan failed to make it there the past two years. Last year, Azerbaijan was represented by Elnur with Hour Of The Wolf. He finished twelfth in Vienna.
What do you think about Miracle? Check it out below!

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