Stockholm 2016

Eurovision acts 'strip things back' before Stockholm

Amir treated us to a gorgeous live version of “J’ai Cherché” courtesy of France Télévision’s official YouTube channel. I think it’s safe to say that this sounds good no matter how its performed – bien joué Amir!

United Kingdom
Come on boys, give us a full acoustic performance of ‘You’re Not Alone’ as this 30 second snippet performed for sounds rather good!

All we can say is, get ready to be memorised once again. In January, he uploaded this fantastic version of ‘Heartbeat’ to his personal YouTube channel. If you were in any doubt of how GOOD Just’s vocals are, you really need to watch this one!

Greta kindly let us into her home for this one, accompanied by her band and some really pretty candles! ‘Hear Them Calling’ sounds absolutely amazing stripped back like this and we do sure hope she decides to release this version on iTunes soon!

The final unplugged performance on our list is from Italy. Francesca really wows us here as she performs ‘No Degree of Separation’ and plays the piano entirely herself while effortlessly carrying the song.
So there we have it, just a taster of the amazing vocal performances we will likely be hearing in just over 2 weeks from now. Let us know which from the above was your favourite!

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