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Time to jam! Alexander Rybak releases a fun Eurovision medley

We are nearly at the final stage of this year’s Eurovision season, so what better way to celebrate the upcoming rehearsal flurry than by listening to Alexander Rybak fiddling his way through some of this year’s entries?

It’s been a wild ride for Alexander Rybak this Eurovision season. Doubts were raised when he announced his return to MGP, but his landslide victory proved that nobody could resist a bit of a fiddle and the tried-and-trusted Rybak charm. He’s ready to get the party started in Lisbon and maybe even Johnny Logan his way to a second victory. But before we get to find out how well is grand return goes, there’s a wonderful new video for us all to check out. The man has a violin and he’s NOT afraid to use it.

This is Eurovision

The same sentence above starts off this fun Eurovision 2018 jam, which aims to spread positivity and good vibes. Of course going through ALL 42 other entries would result in a video longer that than the Eurovsion grand final itself, so he’s compiled together a medley from some of the more violin ready entries this year. Or as Alexander Rybak himself puts it:

Some songs are so damn violinviting, that I can’t keep my hands off them!

These songs are “Outlaw in ‘Em”, “Crazy”, “O jardim”, “Mercy” and “We Got Love”. A wide mix of different genres and moods that all work wonderfully together with Rybak’s impressive violin skills. A video sure to put a smile even on Waylon’s face! Don’t just take our word for it, check out the video for yourself.

What do you think of the medley? Do you think Alexander Rybak could pull off another victory? If you have any info about the fountain of youth he keeps sipping from each day, PLEASE let me know.

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