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Mercy and her mother listen to “Mercy” for the first time

After a long search, baby Mercy has been found. The girl to whom Madame Monsieur dedicated their Eurovision entry has now also listened to ‘her’ song for the first time, together with her mother, Taiwo Yussif.

From Nigeria to Sicily

A few days ago, news broke in France that journalists had been able to locate Mercy. After they fled from Nigeria, reporter Eric Valmir found the little girl in a refugee camp in Sicily. Up until that moment, it was unclear where Mercy was or whether she had even survived. Madame Monsieur soon responded to the news, calling it “the most beautiful news” on their Twitter page.

Mercy’s story

The story of Mercy and her mother Taiwo is an inspiring one. While being pregnant, Taiwo decided to leave her home in Nigeria, escaping the violence going on there. Near the coast of Sicily, after being rescued by SOS Méditerannée’s Aquarius, and whilst still being on the boat, she gave birth to a little baby girl. She named her Mercy.

In the Sicilian refugee camp, French television went to visit Taiwo and Mercy. They showed them the song. The entire story is, as one would assume, very emotional for Taiwo. She says people have been very nice to her during her time in the refugee camp. She also hopes the song can do well, as well as make sure she gets the help she now needs. You can watch the item on the 20h Week-End News at the bottom of this article.

Mercy’s story, now a little more than a year old, will be told to a great audience next month. French Eurovision entrants Madame Monsieur will then perform the song named after her at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon. The married couple won the right to represent their country during Destination Eurovision in January.

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