Throwback Thursday: Is It the UK’s Time??

It’s Thursday, so that can only mean one thing: another Throwback Thursday. This week, we’re going to look at a Big Five country, in the shape of the United Kingdom.

Back to the Good Old Days…

There was actually a period where the UK was a Eurovision powerhouse. Before the 00’s, the UK has managed to win the contest FIVE times and has managed to come second, a staggering FIFTEEN times.
However, ever since the beginning of the millennium, the UK has somehow lost their way. They even managed to achieve nil point with this disaster. They have only managed to place in the Top Five once and have mostly placed on the right-hand side of the scoreboard.

It’s My Time…

In 2009, the UK decided that enough is enough and have then decided to host a national selection, which attracted a lot of artists. We even got close to getting Rita Ora to be our representative (that would have been awesome!!).
Personally, I felt proud when Jade got the chance to represent the UK. In my opinion, It was the best entry we’ve sent in the 00’s. When I was watching it and suddenly the points came flooding in for us, I’m glad I voted for her to win Your Country Needs You.

What the others had to say:


“It’s My Time” by Jade is still a brilliant song. In Mosco,w she performed it flawlessly and hit every note. Tbh I never thought it would reach such a good position, but I’m glad she managed to pull it off. I still remember watching the UK national selection that year and I loved it.
Even though Jade wasn’t my fave in the selection, I’m happy she made it. Last year I went to see Aladdin the musical in London and Jade is playing Jasmin there. Once again she nailed it and it was great to see her live. Actually, I would love, if Jade would come back to the contest in some years. Great throwback!


“I can definitely agree with Tim on something: The UK has clearly lost its way since the beginning of the millennium.
The relationship between the United Kingdom and Eurovision followed the way that any other relationship follows. At first, you want to give your best and cause a great impression. So did the UK, winning Eurovision 5 times and placing second another 15.
But then the time passes and you just get bored. So did the UK. It’s easier to blame the bad results on the politics and on the block voting instead of thinking something like “Well, maybe it is our fault…probably we are screwing it up”. No need to say “Obrigado” for the advice. You’re welcome. Now, I can’t agree with Timothy when he says that “It’s my time” is the best song that The UK has sent since 2000.
Honestly, I think it was just a bland ballad, overrated in a very strong year, and I can’t feel any connection with the song. When I realize that entries like the ones from France, Estonia or Armenia did worse than “It’s my tie” I cry. I have of course to compliment Jade for the great performance.
If I had to pick the best British entry since 2000 I would probably pick 2014. Before the show, I was afraid that it could win instead of my crush aka Sanna Nielsen. You can see that I’m good at predictions. ”


From Eurovision to the 107th member of the Sugababes! “Fun Fact” about Jade Ewen: she co-wrote a song back in 2009 for this years’ entrant for Australia, Jess Mauboy!
Clearly, this girl is good. There are so many opportunities to sing off key with this song, but Jade sang flawlessly and is one of the reasons why I think it did so well. The theatrical elements of the performance were tailor-made for the Eurovision stage. Yes, the violinist did accidentally elbow the microphone into her mouth which makes me laugh out loud EVERY SINGLE TIME! Having Andrew Lloyd Webber involved certainly helped with votes, as did the PR campaign across Europe, but the song alone justified its 5th place finish.


Emotional. breathtakingly beautiful and pitch perfect. Jade did not come around to play back in 2009, “My Turn” is everything we hoped for and more. From the classy staging to the fact that the BBC team somehow managed to avoid the evening gown look and went for a more modern approach. Everything about this performance screams perfection to me, additionally followed by a TOP 5 placing in one of the most competitive contests in recent years. The UK certainly can deliver the goods and get a well-deserved finish at the end of things.
What do you think of United Kingdom’s “It’s My Time”? Do you think that the UK will win or reach the Top Five any time soon? Let us know your opinions and thoughts below or at social media @ESCXTRA


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