ESCXTRA: Live from Lisbon

Day 2: Greece’s Yianna Terzi paints her hand blue for her first rehearsal – REVIEW

ESCXTRA are live from Lisbon for day 2 of rehearsals ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018! The countries rehearsing today, in chronological order, are F.Y.R. Macedonia, Croatia, Austria, Greece, Finland, Armenia, Switzerland, Ireland and Cyprus.

We’re streaming live from the press centre

Furthermore, read our handy guide for a more detailed look at this contest’s rehearsal schedule.
In addition, for our immediate reactions to every single rehearsal, you can follow our live stream from the press centre at the Altice Arena by visiting our YouTube channel.
The next artist to rehearse is Yianna Terzi. We have just watched their first run through of Oniro Mou live on screen for Greece and here is our initial reaction.


The stage begins bathed in blue lighting which quickly turns to gold as Yianna’s begins singing the first verse. Yianna uses a series of arm movements, which is emphasises by the blue paint covering Yianna’s left hand. The wind machine kicks in halfway through the first chorus and continues to the end, which works well with the excess material attached to Yianna’s costume.
For the instrumental middle eight, Yianna turns away from the audience to a camera behind the stage. She makes some powerful poses, reminiscent of her music video. Likewise, she sits for the lead up to the final chorus before rising for the ending.


Yianna’s vocals weren’t perfect in the first run through, struggling with some of the higher notes. This was particularly noticeable in the final chorus. The backing vocals also seemed too quiet, making the wall of sound less powerful.


Yianna is dressed in a full-length white gown with a small hole above her stomach with excess material attached to her arms.

Watch the rehearsal!

Stay tuned for our reaction to Saara Aalto as they rehearse Monsters next for Finland. If you want to know what to expect for the rest of the day, check out our rehearsal schedule here. Meanwhile, remember to tune in to our live stream from the press centre for instant reactions to each rehearsal.

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