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Michael Schulte now ninth favourite to win Eurovision

The bookmakers keep on changing their top ten just over fifty hours before the start of the final of Eurovision 2018. After the rehearsals, we all focussed on Lithuania, Moldova and Cyprus, who have had remarkable rises with the bookies. Now, a fourth one has joined the climbers: Germany. 

100/1 to 16/1

Just before the rehearsals, the German chances seemed more than just limited. After a streak of bad results, the Germans were in a position to fear another disappointing result. Michael Schulte was just outside the top twenty at odds of 100/1. In general, it was one of the least discussed songs of the season.

However, as we so often see at the Eurovision Song Contest, rehearsals changed it all. The Germans have brought their own LED screen to Lisbon. It’s one of only very few countries to do so. In fact, Michael Schulte is the only one to use screen images as heavily as he does. Where Malta use theirs as a prop and Sweden for a light show, it is effectively the entire background for Germany.

After Schulte’s performance in last night’s jury rehearsal of the second semi, the German odds have started shortening considerably. 188Bet currently believe the most in a German upset. They have shortened the odds to 16/1. Most other bookies are moving somewhere between 33/1 and 40/1 at the moment.

Cyprus still in the lead

Michael Schulte is now in the top ten and looking at the shortening odds across the board, we might see him climbing a little more. He may then pass some of the old favourites, such as Estonia.

Cyprus are still clearly in the lead at the moment. The best money you can now make on them is 2/1. After CyBC’s comments that they would be ready to host the Eurovision Song Contest in case Eleni Foureira would take the crown. Following Foureira, we now see Norway, Israel, France and Lithuania in the top five. Sweden, Moldova, Estonia, Germany and Czech Republic complete the top ten.

What do you think? Can Michael Schulte rise even further? Let us know!

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