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YLE is looking for some inspiration for 2019

Eurovision 2018 has just finished, but that doesn’t stop Finland. Their broadcaster YLE is already looking for ideas for the contest in 2019. Furthermore, they also want feedback on the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

Obtaining ideas and feedback

YLE has been asking the audience members feedback about this year and any ideas that they might have for next year’s UMK. The Finnish broadcaster say they are looking for all sorts of feedback on the 2018 edition of UMK.

Not only do they want to know if the ‘one artist’ format works, they also want information about the show itself. That also means they are immediately looking ahead to the contest in 2019. The poll published by YLE in the article below is about the hosts of UMK 2019. Krista Siegfrids and Mikko Silvennoinen were the hosts this year. The question is whether the Finnish public are still happy with them. Currently, two thirds of the voters seem to think Siegfrids and Silvennoinen are doing a good job.

Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

YLE took a different approach with 2018 by reformatting Uuden Musik Kilpailu (UMK).  Finland opted to select Saara Aalto internally for the contest in Lisbon. During UMK, three songs were presented to the Finnish public.

After UMK: Saara Aalto, “Monsters” was selected to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. Saara Aalto managed to bring Finland back to the Grand Final after three years of non-qualification.

Despite being a fan favourite in the pre-season, Saara Aalto dropped a little in expectations afterwards. She eventually finished in 25th in the final.

What did you think of Finland’s participation in 2018?. What would you suggest they should do to improve their chances for 2019?. Let us know your opinions and thoughts below or at social media @ESCXTRA

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