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It’s important to take part! Croatia’s HRT discusses Eurovision 2018

Croatia’s National Broadcaster, HRT, responds to the criticism surrounding their participation at the 63rd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. 

According to Croatian press and local media outlets, coming 17th out of 19 competing acts was considered as a debacle and is undoubtedly the worst result Croatia has ever achieved in the contest.

However, critics were more persistent when talking about the way the Broadcaster deals with the contest than Franka Batelic herself. The always interesting topic of discussion is the budget HRT spent for their representation at this years contest. In order to avoid revealing too much and giving out a number, HRT has just stated the following:

We would like to point out that one of the characteristics of the Eurovision Song Contest is the unpredictability. But the important thing to remember is that sometimes it’s not about winning but taking part.

When asked about the financial aspect of the project, HRT responded shortly:

The funds spent on our representation in Lisbon are in sync with the budget we set prior to starting off the Eurovision 2018 project.

Doubting Franka Batelic?

Plenty of local media outlets were doubting Franka’s ability to carry on the project herself prior to the release of the song. However, the fact that she had been absent from the music scene for a couple of years followed with the plagiarism accusations did not help the talented songstress.

Despite the final placing of Croatia in the semi final, Franka did not disappoint. On the contrary, she managed to showcase a powerful vocal performance, backed up by a sophisticated stage show. Nevertheless, “Crazy” was the first Croatian entry to miss out on the final since HRT returned to the contest in 2016.

Croatia at Eurovision

Croatia made its Eurovision debut in the distant 1993 with Put’s “Don’t Ever Cry” finishing a respectable fifteenth overall. Some of their more significant achievements include coming fourth in 1996 and 1999.

However, Croatia has lost its spark towards the end of the 2000’s which resulted with a withdrawal in 2014. But, after taking a two year break Croatia manages to come back strong and qualify for the final in both 2016 and 2017. Unfortunately, Franka Batelic did not manage to take the country back to the final in 2018, finishing seventeenth out of nineteen competing acts in the first semi final.

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What did you think of Franka’s Eurovision performance? Did you like her entry? Do you agree with HRT’s statement that sometimes it’s just important to participate? Would you like to see the return of their National Selection, Dora?

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