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Greece’s ERT approach Tamta for Eurovision 2019?

 Despite Eurovision 2018 taking place a month ago, news about Eurovision 2019 have just started coming! Greece after failing to qualify to the final in 2018 seems ready to return to the final! That’s why we might have our first potential candidate for Eurovision 2019, Tamta!

Who is Tamta?

Tamta is no stranger, when it comes to the Greek fans. Born in Georgia, she moved to Greece and rose to fame through the Greek “Idol”. She tried to represent Greece in the 2007 Eurovision with “With Love”. She finished in third place. Tamta tried to return and represent Greece in the 2015 contest with the song “Unloved” but she missed the national final deadline proposed by the Greek Broadcaster, ERT.
In January 2018 she was approached both by the Cypriot Broadcaster, CyBc, and by Alex Papakonstantinou, in order to sing “Fuego” and represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2018. She rejected the proposal, with Eleni Foureira being selected.

So, will Tamta represent Greece now?

On the 8th June, a rumor that Tamta was in talks with ERT in order to represent Greece in Eurovision 2019 started surfacing. A Greek TV reporter, Giannis Poulopoulos talked about a potential duet of Mikolas Josef and Tamta in the Greek “MAD Video Awards”. Afterwards, he stated that “Tamta is the next person discussing about Eurovision. Her team wants her to go to Eurovision. She tried two years ago and sent a great song, which due to deadline issues never got to ERT. He also said that “Tamta is seriously thinking about it”. This spread through Greek newspapers and websites, who talked about Tamta’s participation in 2019.
However, one should not get too excited, as neither Tamta, nor ERT have confirmed discussing. In fact, Greece is not among the 16 countries, which have already confirmed participation in 2019. Furthermore, according to Infe Greece, the new organizational chart of ERT  was published a few days ago. It includes calls for interest for the new directors of departments in ERT, meaning that “at this point in time there is no one responsible for taking over the project “Greek participation in 2019”. The new directors will take up their positions by the end of next month, and will then carry out their duties in line with the new plan. Which division will take over Eurovision next year remains unknown”. So, the selection of Tamta is far from certain!

Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest

Greece first appeared in the contest in 1974 and participated a total of 39 times. It won the contest in 2005, with Helena Paparizou. Since then, Greece has failed to reach the final on two occasions. The most recent is in Lisbon, where Gianna Terzi represented the country with Oneiro Mou. She reached 14th place in the first semi final with 81 points.

Do you want to see Tamta representing Greece? Do you think she could get Greece back to the top 10? Would you like to see any other artist representing Greece in Israel?
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