Saara Aalto releases new single “DANCE!!!” and announces performance at Helsinki Pride

Dana International will perform too

Finland’s Eurovision 2018 representative Saara Aalto released a follow-up single for her Eurovision entry “Monsters”. The next single from her sixth studio album is “DANCE!!!”.
The new single is taken from Saara’s latest album “Wild Wild Wonderland“. The song is written by Linnea Deb, Matias Keskiruokanen and Saara herself and it’s produced by Joy Deb. Saara describes the song as “epic summer anthem that encourages people to break the rules and norms that stop them being who they are”.

Special DANCE!!! truck and performance at Helsinki Pride

With the new single, Saara also announced that she will perform at the Helsinki Pride 2018. Other artists confirmed include Eurovision 1999 winner Dana International and UMK 2017 runner-up Zühlke. Saara will also have her own truck on the pride parade.

Saara says she is very excited to perform on the same stage with Dana International, as she was the reason Saara started to follow the contest.
Currently Saara is touring United Kingdom together with Steps and Blue, who represented United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Recently Blue suggested that Steps should represent the country next year. You can read the whole story here.
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