Jalisse’s time is now with new single “Ora”

Duo shoot video in The Netherlands

Jalisse are back! The legendary Italian duo have released their new single “Ora”. Along with the song, they’ve also released the official video, which you can see above!

Jalisse: A Eurovision favourite

For Jalisse, “Ora” marks their first single in three years time. Their last song with a video was “Faro de Estrellas”, released in 2015. The duo’s success in their home country has not been as big as it was before. Their name in the Eurovision fan world is, however, still a famous one.

Jalisse have not let go of the Eurovision Song Contest. Just this year, they were part of the international jury in the Czech Republic to find their entrant for Lisbon. They tend to attend quite a few Eurovision themed events throughout the year.

J’Aime la Vlie

One of those events this year was the second edition of J’Aime la Vlie. The Dutch island of Vlieland then hosts a weekend long party with plenty of Eurovision stars. One of the organisers, Esther Hart, once represented the Netherlands at the contest.

In their spare time on Vlieland, Jalisse made good use of their time. In the video for “Ora”, we can see plenty of images from the island in the Wadden Sea. Apart from that, Jalisse also took time to go to Amsterdam and film parts of the video there.

An Italian comeback

The duo, consisting of Alessandra Drusian and Fabio Ricci, represented Italy back in 1997. At the contest hosted in Dublin, they finished in fourth place. Their “Fiumi di Parole” won the Festival di Sanremo that year and had the honour of flying the Italian flag in Ireland. It meant a comeback for Italy, who had last participated in 1993. Their comeback was, however, short lived, as Italy withdrew after 1997. They only returned in 2011.

Ever since the Italian return to the contest, Drusian and Ricci have been speaking about their desire to return to the Eurovision Song Contest. Perhaps they’d consider switching alliances and fly the Sammarinese flag?

What do you think about Jalisse’s new single “Ora”? Let us know!

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