Listen: BONES (The Remixes) EP is out!

Let's dance!

Bulgaria’s Equinox were aong the favorites to win the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon with their wonderful, mesmerizing track, “Bones“. At the contest they finished in a very surprising and disappointing 14th place. Was it perhaps a bit too moody and introvert? Did people wanna dance?! Well, now they can! 

Four Bones remixes

Equinox have just released four official remixes of “Bones”, and if you can’t dance to these there’s no hope! Especially the Dagge Dance Mix is bound to become a hit on the dancefloors across the Euroverse and beyond!


The four remixes are quite different from each other, and the remixers all have their own take on the song. We do have a favorite, but we’re not gonna tell you which one as we’d rather you decide for yourself!
And if you are one of the people who still miss Kristian Kostov; check out this version of “Bones“!
Let us know in the comments and on our social media @escxtra which of the four is your favorite. We’ll share our fave with you in return 🙂 

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