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‘Liechtenstein have not applied’ confirms EBU

Broadcaster was keen to debut in 2019

Almost two years ago, Liechtenstein broadcaster 1FLTV announced plans to debut at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019. It seems their plans may have since changed, as the EBU confirm that the broadcaster haven’t been in touch.
In late 2017, the head of 1FLTV, Peter Kölbel, stated that talks with the EBU were in place to gain full membership. This would secure the broadcaster a right to participate in the song contest, at an expense of 300.000 Euros.
With a keen approach on their contest debut, Mr. Kölbel revealed that they would most likely stage a national selection to select their representative.
1FLTV had previously been unsuccessful in securing funds for full time EBU membership, although rumours soon surfaced that negotiations with different local organizations, to secure funding, were due to take place.

‘No Application received’

With the 2019 season fast approaching, ESCXTRA reached out to both 1FLTV and the EBU for an update on the nation’s possible debut.  Although we received no word from the Liechtenstein broadcaster,  the EBU have confirmed to us that no application has been received.

The EBU has not received an application for Membership from 1FLTV, Liechtenstein.


Kosovo to debut next year?

With next year’s confirmed country list due to be published in December,  time is on the cards for Liechtenstein if they are serious about a debut in 2019.  Also hoping to make their first appearance at the contest is Kosovan broadcaster RTK, who we reported last month, were in talks with the EBU on becoming a fully-fledged member of the organisation.  The EBU will vote on Kosovo’s membership at the end of the year.
Would you like to see either Liechtenstein or Kosovo make their debut next year?  Let us know your thoughts by adding a comment or by sending us a tweet “@ESCXTRA

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