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Former Eurovision stars share their opinion on ‘X Factor Malta’

The reception from music professionals about X Factor Malta varied since its launch

Former Maltese Eurovision stars have spoken with Malta Today about the launch of “X Factor Malta”.  Whilst giving their opinions, they have also mentioned whether or not they have any interest in participating.

Some artists have praised its format

Amber (2015) has said that the competition will help people who do not have the budget to enter a song for MESC.

“Many artists aspire to become known by contesting in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. But the truth is that participating requires a considerable budget to produce and submit a song.  X Factor is now facilitating the way for anyone to take part in a large-scale competition.”

Kurt Calleja (2012) have mentioned that the competition can open up opportunities for artists who do not have great song-writing skills.

“However, for singers with incredible voices who never had strong original songs, perhaps due to lack of contacts or songwriting not being their forte, this presents a massive opportunity to showcase their skills, make a name for themselves and eventually work with relevant-to-the-industry songwriters who can write a song that is tailor-made for the winner’s voice.”

Why X Factor and Eurovision?

Amber and Kurt also gave their opinions about using X Factor as their Eurovision entrant selection:
Amber have mentioned that she was “confused about mixing these two events” as she sees MESC and X Factor as two different platforms. She has mentioned that  “The ESC is a ‘song contest’ while X Factor goes beyond just singing, it is about finding someone with a twist, it is more of a reality show in search for talent.”
Kurt on the other hand, have mentioned that both shows should exist. X Factor should be left as a competition, whilst keeping the traditions of MESC. However, he has mentioned that he “respect PBS for taking such a courageous, risky, decision.”

X Factor Malta and Eurovision Song Contest

It was earlier confirmed, that X Factor Malta will be taking place in October 2018. TVM has also confirmed that the winner of X Factor Malta will win the right to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.
In addition to winning the ticket to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest, the winner of X Factor will also win a recording contract with Sony Music Italy.

Do you agree with the opinions of the former Maltese Eurovision stars?. Do you think that X Factor Malta can prove itself and turn Malta’s fortunes around?. Let us know your opinions below or on social media @ESCXTRA.

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