Ukraine’s Junior Eurovision Journey so far

Next November 25th, Minsk Arena will host the sixteenth Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It will be the second time that the event takes place in the venue in Belarus’s capital. With Ukraine’s last minute confirmation, a record-breaking 20 countries will participate. Therefore, it is the perfect time to look back at the journeys of all of this year’s participating countries in the contest. Let’s in fact take a look at the journey of the last confirming country: Ukraine! 

Quick facts

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Broadcaster: UA:PBC
  • Debut appearance: 2006
  • Number of participations: 12
  • Highest finish: 1st (2012)
  • Lowest finish: 14th (last) (2010)

Back to the very beginning…

Ukraine made its Junior Eurovision debut back in 2006. The first to fly the country’s flag at the contest was Nazar Slysarchuk with his entry “Khlopchuck Rock ‘n’ roll“. He ended in 9th place in a field of 15 songs with 58 points.

Ukraine’s journey so far

Since debuting in 2006, Ukraine has not missed out on a single participation. During their participation, the country has witnessed both periods of high and low results. They were off to a slow start with two 9th places in the first 2 years of participation but soared to a second place in 2008 with Viktoria Petryk and her entry “Matrosyk“. In 2009,  they achieved another top 5 result placing 5th with Andranik Alexanyan. Their fortunes began to fall again in 2010 when Yulia Gurska finished last and the following year Kristall finished 11th in a field of 12.However, their fortunes turned around once again in 2012. That year, Viktoria Petryk’s little sister Anastasiya defeated all competition and emerged victorious with her song “Nebo“. The following year, Sofia Tarasova came close to replicating victory, finishing second, 10 points shy of winning. After finishing 6th in 2014, Ukraine’s struggled to achieve good results, missing out on being in the top 10 in 2015 and 2016.  Nevertheless, in Tbilisi, Anastasiya Baginska brought the country back to the top 10, finishing 7th with her beautiful entry “Don’t stop“.

Looking ahead to 2018

Ukraine has traditionally used a national final to select its entrants with the selection taking place in August. However, considering their late confirmation following their intended withdrawal, it is unclear whether they will still use it or opt for internal selection. Be sure to keep checking ESCXTRA.com for more information!

My favourite Ukrainian entry

Ukraine is one of my favourite Eurovision countries so I had high hopes when I listened to their entries for the first time (except 2012). Well I wasn’t disappointed! In fact, take away a couple of entries I like all the songs they sent, which is rare for me and Junior Eurovision! I was stuck with two entries, 2006 and 2008 and because of vocals and energy my favourite Ukrainian entry is Viktoria Petryk’s “Matrosyk“. I am a fan of this style of music, it makes me happy and wanna dance and sing along. Of course I do have my issues with the performance (as usual, I know), what are those backing dancers doing??? However, nothing can make me hate this song. I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE how it picks up at the end. That ending is one of my favourite moments in my (short) Junior Eurovision memory. How Bzzzz (or whatever that “song” is called) managed to beat this shall remain an unexplained mystery to me.

Our countries journey so far

  1. FYR Macedonia
  2. Armenia
  3. The Netherlands
  4. Israel

What is your favourite Ukrainian entry at Junior Eurovision? What kind of song are you hoping they will send to Minsk? 

Don’t forget to come back next Tuesday for another journey down another country Junior Eurovision memory lane! 

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