LISTEN: Anggun tells us we can!

Last week, Anggun released a new song, called “Siapa Bilang Gak Bisa”, meaning Who said you can’t. It delivers the message that women can achieve their dreams, even if that dream includes both being a mother and wife and pursuing a career. And that they can be highly successful at both.

Female empowerment

The lyrics tell women not to listen to what other people are saying, but to follow their own path. It also says that, contrary to what many people claim, not every woman have the same destiny. It is a song that encourages women to put themselves out there in the world and dare to make their own choices. In addition to this being an encouraging message, it is also an incredibly cool song. The rythm that drives it is the kind that makes hips and shoulders sway! 

Pantene ad

The song is also being used in the new Pantene ad that was recently debuted on tv in Indonesia. This is not the first time Anggun and Pantene work together, however. She has been the face, or rather the hair, of Pantene since long before her Eurovision participation. The oldest of her ad we could find was this one, from 2008. There are many more; just search for anggun+pantene on youtube if you wanna see them! 


In the summer of 2017 she signed a record deal with Universial Music Asia, and in December 2017 she released her latest album, “8”.

Anggun in Eurovision 

Anggun represented France at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku. She performed the song “Echo (You and I)”, giving a flawless vocal performance. She did however receive only 21 points, thus finishing in a surprising and rather disappointing 22nd place. 

What do you think of Anggun’s new song? Will you be adding it to your summer playlist? 

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