Electro Velvet releases first post-Eurovision single “Take Me Home”

On August 24, 2018, Electro Velvet released “Take Me Home” on the duo’s official YouTube channel, staying true to their electro swing sound that surprised Europe in Eurovision 2015.

The official Twitter page for the British group posted the cover art for their new single, with the simple caption “24th August 2018” ten days ahead of the song’s official release. At about the same time, the new track had been released on Spotify. And don’t worry, Alex and Bianca may not be featured on the cover, but they still provide the vocals for “Take Me Home.”

The new song was written by Adrian Bax White and David Mindel, professionally known as Lone Sharx. You may remember that name as they were the duo that remixed Electro Velvet’s Eurovision entry and first single.

The video opens with Alex Larke sleeping at a table when he is awoken by a phone call (with Still In Love With You as his ringtone). He hears that the writers have a new song for Electro Velvet and that Bianca Nicholas has agreed to record. Hearing this, Alex agrees to record as well – while also showing he hasn’t gotten over Eurovision yet.

The music video is a compilation of pictures and clips of Alex and Bianca along their Eurovision experience of being musical ambassadors for the United Kingdom.

Electro Velvet at Eurovision

In 2015, Electro Velvet was chosen to represent the United Kingdom in Vienna with their song “Still In Love With You.” Despite the music video having amassed over four million views, the duo came 24th in a field of 27, with only five points.

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