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KAN: Eurovision 2019 host city to be decided “next week”

This week, EBU Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand and Event Supervisor Nadja Burkhardt have been in Israel to visit the three potential host cities for Eurovision 2019: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Eilat. Now, host broadcaster KAN has revealed that the decision on which city will host the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be finalised next week.

Just days left until the decision is made

Host broadcaster KAN revealed this afternoon in a tweet that Jon Ola Sand would appear in an exclusive interview on KAN this evening ahead of the official decision on the 2019 host city being made “next week”. You can read the full tweet below (click on the tweet to translate):

Of course, there’s no guarantee the decision will be made public next week. Nevertheless, this news brings us one step closer to finding out the host city of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

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