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Jon Ola Sand visits the three potential host cities of Eurovision 2019

With September quickly approaching, the EBU Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand and Event Supervisor Nadja Burkhardt have visited the three potential host cities for Eurovision 2019 – Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Eilat – to inspect the potential host venues in the three cities.

They were joined by representatives from KAN/IPBC to assess the three potential host cities

After arriving in Israel, Jon and Nadja were joined by representatives from the Israeli broadcaster, KAN/IPBC. They visited the three potential host cities for the 2019 contest and met up with officials in each of them.

During the past week, they have inspected both the Pais Arena in Jerusalem and the Convention Center in Tel Aviv. Furthermore, they met with representatives from the city of Eilat who gave a presentation, featuring their plans for a “unique” host venue construction in the Port of Eilat. These plans would make Eilat a suitable host city for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Following these site inspections and the presentation, Jon Ola Sand said that the EBU are:

… open to out of the box solutions, as we were in the past, if they would meet the schedule.

At the 2012 contest in Azerbaijan, the Baku Crystal Hall was built for the purpose of hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. The arena’s construction began in August 2011, and the arena was officially opened on 7 May 2012, just weeks before the contest actually began. 

The final decision about which city and venue will host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 is set to be approved by the Reference Group and is set to be announced in the upcoming weeks.

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