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🇳🇴 MGP back-up jury voted based on studio recordings, not live performances

No revote after the voting crash last night

Melodi Grand Prix project manager, Stig Karlsen, has revealed that the jury, which voted in replacement of the online vote for the first round of voting in yesterday’s show, voted based on the studio recordings of the songs, and not on the live performances.

A back-up jury made up of 30 people was used instead of the online vote last night, after the NRK website crashed. The jury voted for four artists to qualify to the Gold Final. The votes of the jury were delivered on Friday, ahead of Saturday’s live show.

Artists were informed of the jury situation

Stig Karlsen also added that the artists were informed of the back-up jury being in place, in case of any unforeseen circumstances, on 10th January.

I have been in contact with many of the artists, and ask that we have a chat. Several of them took what was going on well, while others thought it was a shame that there was not a public-wide jury who voted the whole way.

– Stig Karlsen, MGP project manager (translated from Norwegian)

The broadcaster NRK says the members of the national jury were “ordinary TV viewers”. The jury had no connections with NRK or the music industry, and the names of the jury members will not be disclosed.

A revote is not relevant, says Karlsen

Following yesterday’s voting crash, which saw many favourites eliminated in the first round of voting, including second-favourite in the betting odds Rein Alexander, many people have called for NRK to carry out a revote. Karlsen has added, however, that a revote is not required:

I understand there is a big commitment out there, and that some opinions are not heard. But now it was the big favourite… Ulrikke has been a clear favourite with both bookmakers and fans. She’s got high rolls. But I understand people are upset. MGP is a show that creates engagement

– Stig Karlsen, MGP project manager (translated from Norwegian)

Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020

After winning last night’s Melodi Grand Prix, Ulrikke Brandstorp will represent Norway in Rotterdam with “Attention”. She faced Kristin Husøy in the Gold Duel, and won with 50.72% of the vote.

Ulrikke previously took part in Melodi Grand Prix in 2017, where she reached the Gold Final with her song “Places”. She also took part in the 2013 edition of Norwegian Idol and Stjernekampen in 2018. During 2019 and the start of 2020, Ulrikke is also starring as Liesl in Oslo’s production of The Sound of Music.

Are you happy that Ulrikke won? Do you think they should have gone ahead with a revote?

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