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🇵🇱 YOU have predicted Alicja Szemplińska to win Sznasna na Sukces

Alicja is your pick, without having even released her song!

Over the last past week, you have been submitting your predictions for the Round 7 of Eurovision Prediction 2020. For this round, your task was to predict the winner Ukraine’s Vidbir, Slovenia’s EMA and Poland’s Szansa na Sukces. Airing this afternoon (Sunday 23 February), let’s visit the results of Sznasna na Sukces!

In this round 205,  of you voted in the seventh round of Eurovision Prediction 2020. So without further ado, here are the contestants that YOU have predicted to win:

RankArtistNumber of predictionsPercentage
1Alicja Szemplińska10350.20%
2Albert Černý8441%
3Kasia Dereń188.80%

This was admittedly a bit of a tough one, for several reasons. Firstly, we do not know how each of the finalists faired in their semi-finals beyond their qualification. Further, we still don’t even know the song that Alicja Szemplińska will be putting forward for the contest. That said, over 50% of our players have predicted that Alicja will win tomorrow’s final. This is likely based on the fact that she recently won season 10 of the Voice of Poland. However, a decent number of you believe that we will be seeing Lake Malawi back at Eurovision for the second year in a row.

We will publish the official Round 7 leaderboard tonight. Stay tuned to see how you fare against the rest of the competition! In the meantime, you can see the current leaderboard below:

Click here to take a look at the latest Eurovision Prediction 2020 scoreboard!

Due to the internal selection of Tulia last year, there was no round of Eurovision Prediction for Poland in 2019. However, back in 2018, over 48% of you correctly predicted that Gromee and Lukas Meijer would win Krajowe Eliminacje.

Our Eurovision Prediction 2019 players collectively predicted 16 out of 29 national final winners correctly. In 2018, your record was 19 out of 30. Last week, you only predicted one out of three of last weekend’s selections correctly. That means that so far this year, you have correctly predicted 5 out of 11 winners correctly, with plenty still to go…






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