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🇵🇱 Lake Malawi to sing “Lucy” at Szansa na Sukces final?

Are the Czech boys back?

Following his semi-final win on Sunday, Albert Černý confirmed on his Instagram story that he would be competing in this weekend’s final alongside the rest of Lake Malawi. Rumours have now began circulating that Lake Malawi will compete with their new single, “Lucy”. Could Lake Malawi be heading back to Eurovision this year?

After winning the third semi-final of Szansa na Sukces, Albert seems to be the centre of much talk around the new Polish national final format. Now, it seems he won’t be going alone on Sunday…

Problems with the format?

After winning the show last Sunday, Albert posted the following news on Lake Malawi’s Instagram story:

I didn’t expect to advance to the final – the level was high and we did “Friend of a Friend” last year… Anyway, I did “Please Please Me” and happened to win! So I am happy to say, Lake Malawi will be taking part in the final of Szansa na Sukces on Polish TV on February 23rd at 15:15.

– Albert Černý, speaking on Lake Malawi’s Instagram story

A Twitter user replied to the story, asking the question “Does this mean all of Lake Malawi will be in the final?”. In reply, the band responded that, “we don’t know yet” as “the format of the TV show makes it hard for us to perform the way we normally do”.

After Albert’s announcement on Sunday, it does seem however will be getting a performance from Lake Malawi at the Szansa na Sukces final!

“Lucy, fall in love with me…”

ESCForum has been set alight by the fact that Lake Malawi will most likely be performing at the Polish national final, and a forum member has seemingly discovered the song the band will be competing with.

Lake Malawi’s new single, “Lucy”, which was released last Friday is rumoured to be the group’s entry, if they compete. The song was inspired by Eurovision 2019 host, Lucy Ayoub, and a cardboard cutout that Lake Malawi found of her at the Tel Aviv press centre.

The song has been co-written by former Eurovision alumni Cesár Sampson, JOWST and Lasse Piirainen (of Norma John). At the end of January, Cesár confirmed he was involved in the production of one of the competing entries at this year contest. Could he be involved in the production of the Polish entry? Only time will tell.

If Lake Malawi were to win this weekend, they would be the first act to represent two different countries in consecutive Eurovision contests.

Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020

After three weeks of semi-finals, three finalists have been selected for the Szansa na Sukces final – Kasia Dereń, Alicja Szemplińska and Albert Černý. It was originally announced in a rule change that a wildcard act would join the finalists in the final, but this is becoming highly unlikely with time going on.

In the final, the artists will each perform a cover of a famous Eurovision entry along with the song they will sing at Eurovision, if they were to win the national final.

Would you like to see Lake Malawi perform “Lucy” at Eurovision for Poland? Do you think Lake Malawi competing at Szansa na Sukces is fair?

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