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🇵🇹 Portugal: RTP releases full Festival da Canção 2020 voting breakdown

The jury and the public were divided throughout the selection

Last night (well, this morning for most of us), Portugal capped off the 2020 national finals season by crowing Elisa as the winner of Festival da Canção. Following the final, RTP have released the voting numbers for both of the semi finals, which were not revealed during the broadcasts like last year.

For this year’s edition of Festival da Canção, RTP did not reveal the televote and jury scores for the entrants during the semi final. This made for wild and unpredictable viewing during last night’s voting system.

Last night we saw that the winning song “Medo de sentir” didn’t win either of the jury vote or the televote, but now RTP have released the full voting numbers for both of the semi finals. The stats reveal that the jury and the televote were divided throughout the entire selection. Elisa won the first semi final (but tied score with Bárbara), whilst Jimmy P won the second semi final.

Semi final one results

1Elisa“Medo de sentir”101020
2Bárbara Tinoco“Passe-Partout”81220
3Filipe Sambado“Gerbera amarela do Sul”12517
4Throes + The Shine“Movimento”7714
7Ian Mucznik“O dia de amanhã”448
8MEERA“Copo de gin”538

NOTE: In Festival da Canção, the jury vote has priority, so the tie for 4th was broken by Throes + The Shine getting a higher jury score.

Semi final two results

1Jimmy P“Abensonhado”101222
2Kady“Diz Só”12820
3Tomás Luzia“Mais Real Que O Amor”51015
4Elisa Rodrigues“Não Voltes Mais”8513
5Luiz Caracol e Gus Liberdade“Dói-me o País”7613
6Dubio feat. +351“Cegueira”4711
7Judas“Cubismo Enviesado”6410
8Cláudio Frank“Quero-te Abraçar”336

NOTE: Again, Elisa Rodrigues because she received a higher score from the jury than Luiz Caracol and Gus Liberdade.

Final results

1Elisa“Medo de sentir”101020
2Bárbara Tinoco“Passe-Partout”61218
3Filipe Sambado“Gerbera amarela do Sul”12416
4Kady“Diz Só”8715
5Jimmy P“Abensonhado”7613
6Throes + The Shine“Movimento”6511
7Tomás Luzia“Mais Real Que O Amor”3811
8Elisa Rodrigues“Não Voltes Mais”437

Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest

Portugal was once seen as one of the most unlucky Eurovision countries, holding the record for the longest period of participation without a win (49 attempts). Portugal had their first, and only win to date, in 2017 when Salvador Sobral won the contest with “Amar Pelos Dois”. Not only was this their first win, but it was also their first and only top 5 placing in the contest to date. 

Unfortunately, since this victory, Portugal haven’t been able to replicate this success in the past two contests. In 2018, as the host nation, Portugal got its fourth last place finish with Cláudia Pascoal’s “O Jardim”. In Tel Aviv, Conan didn’t qualify for the Grand Final. He finished 15th with 51 points.

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