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🇦🇩 Susanne Georgi states she has secured funding for Andorra’s participation

"I have found the money for Andorra to return"

2009 Andorran Eurovision representative, Susanne Georgi, has stated that she has “found the money for Andorra to return to Eurovision”. This comes days after Andorran broadcaster RTVA confirmed they would not be taking part in the 2021 contest in Rotterdam.

In an interview with Eurovisión y esas movidas, Georgi said that “there is enthusiasm and infrastructure” in place to take part in the contest. However, RTVA has opposed her comments commenting that “there is no desire” to put an Andorran return on the table.

Determined for a return

The Danish singer, who works and lives in Andorra, is very passionate about Andorra returning to the contest. She is currently working alongside Andorran institutions and organisations to work on getting the country back in the contest. She also stated that the plan for return would not mean that she would take to the Eurovision stage for a second time.

The victory is to be in Eurovision!… And I don’t do it to be able to sing myself! I don’t want to sing! It is a matter of patriotism; what I want is to bring Andorra to Eurovision!

– Susanne Georgi, represented Andorra in 2009

It is currently unknown whether the country will return to the contest in 2021, or indeed if they will return at all. She informed the government of Andorra in 2019 that she has the funding to allow Andorra to participate in the contest. Catalan Eurovision website, Eurobloc, has requested a comment from the government about their plans, however they have not yet recieved a reply.

Andorra at the Eurovision Song Contest

Andorra first made their Eurovision debut in 2004. Marta Roure represented the country with “Jugarem a estimar-nos” and finished 18th in the semi-final, with 12 points. They also failed to make the final in 2005.

It wasn’t until 2006 that Andorra internally selected an entry to take part in the contest. Jenny became the first internally-selected act, in Athens. Her song “Sense tu” finished last in the semi-final with 8 points – Andorra’s worst result to date. Andorra’s best result came in 2007 with Anonymous’ “Salvem el món” which finished 12th in the semi-final.

Their most recent participation was in Moscow, in 2009. Susanne Georgi represented the microstate with “La teva decisio (Get a Life)”. The broadcaster decided not to return to the 2010 contest due to financial issues. They have not returned to the contest since.

Would you like to see Andorra make a return in the future? Do you think Susanne will get RTVA to take part again?

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