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🇧🇬 Victoria to release new single ‘alright.’ on 24 June

Victoria who is set to represent Bulgaria in Eurovision 2021 has teased her new single, titled alright, which will debut on 24 June.           

The singer revealed on Twitter that she wrote the song during the Eurovision songwriting camp in January. She is also the director of the upcoming video, alongside Victoria Karakoleva.  

The song will premiere on all streaming platforms on 24 June. Due to it being released before 1 September 2020, it won’t be eligible to be performed at Eurovision 2021.

Watch the teaser video below:

Victoria to represent Bulgaria in Eurovision 2021

Bulgarian national broadcaster, BNT, selected Victoria to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, before it was cancelled.

Her team confirmed her planned return to Eurovision 2021 in late March, but she will have to participate with another song. She was due to perform the song “Tears Getting Sober” in Rotterdam, which was one of the pre-contest favourites.

Victoria and her team initially called for the EBU to allow artists to perform their already selected songs next year. At the time, she noted in an Instagram post: “Tears Getting Sober is a project that means the world to me as an artist and to the great team behind it.”

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