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🇳🇴 Norway will not return to JESC in 2020

NRK, the national broadcaster in Norway, confirmed that the host of the 2004 Junior Eurovision Song Contest would not return to the competition in Warsaw this year.

Though the youth branch of the broadcaster, NRKjr, allegedly closely watched the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, NRKjr Executive Producer Eva Henderson told Eurofestivales that Norway would not return to the contest after a 15 year hiatus.

However, NRK is still organizing Melodi Grand Prix Junior, a Norwegian youth song competition (and Norway’s former JESC selection process), this summer. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition will be held with no audience, similar to Dansk Melodi Gand Prix last March.

Norway in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Norway has participated three times in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. They debuted at the inaugural JESC in 2003 with the song “Sinnsykt Gal Forelsket” by 2U, placing 13th. After the UK declined two host JESC in 2004 and Croatia screwed up the hosting situation, Norway hosted the 2004 contest in Lillehammer. That year, @lek represented Norway with the song “En Stjerne Skal Jeg Bli,” placing 13th again.

In 2005, Malin Reitan represented the Scandinavian nation with the song “Sommer og Skolefri.” Norway achieved their best ever placing in JESC, finishing third. After this year, Norway, as well as the other Nordic countries in the contest at the time, withdrew, citing rule disagreements.

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  1. Hopefully Norway returns in 2021 🙁 Until then, please let me know when these countries confirm participation:

    * Albania
    * Armenia
    * Australia
    * Belarus
    * France
    * Germany
    * Italy
    * Kazakhstan
    * Malta
    * North Macedonia
    * Portugal
    * Serbia
    * Spain

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