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🇨🇭 WATCH: Luca Hänni releases music video for his latest single “Diamant”

We feel romantic after watching the music video

Switzerland’s 2019 representative, Luca Hänni, just released the music video for his latest single “Diamant”. The song was released three weeks ago and now follows the romantic video for the love song. The female part in the music video is played by Christina Luft. She was the dancing partner for Luca in the latest season of “Let’s Dance”, where they achieved a third-place together.

“I want you by the hand, like a diamond”

Three weeks ago for the final of “Let’s Dance”, the German version of “Dancing With The Stars”, Luca Hänni released his latest single “Diamant”. The romantic song is about not needing a ring or some bling-bling, because the person you are in love with is already the brightest shining diamond in your life. Now follows the intimate and passionate music video for the single.

The music video features Christina Luft as the female part. Christina was the dancing partner of Luca during “Let’s Dance”. The music video shows, that Luca and Christina formed a bond during the competition show that is beyond it and continues. “Diamant” is his next single in German, when we spoke to Luca in 2019 he told us, that he was working on a German album. No release date for that album, but we keep you in the loop when there is more.

Watch the music video for “Diamant” below:

What do you think of Luca’s latest single “Diamant” and the, now released, music video. Let us know in the comments below or on social media @ESCXTRA!

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