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🇷🇸 Hurricane release new single “Tuturutu” with MC Stojan

The three Serbian divas are back with another hit!

A bop for the summer!

After “Hasta La Vista”, the group consisting of Sanja Vucic, Ivana Nikolic and Kesnia Knezevic is back with another single. However, this time they are not alone, as they are collaborating with Serbian rapper MC Stojan, which is their first time collaborating.

“Tuturutu” is a tropical summer song with lots of Balkan influences and fits right into the current Balkan pop scene. The song was composed by MC Stojan and Marko Moreno with lyrics by Aleksa Šolaja and MC Stojan. You can listen to it here:

Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020

Back in March, Hurricane were selected to represent Serbia at the 2020 contest, due to be held in Rotterdam. A few weeks after their selection, the contest was canceled.

Their entry, “Hasta La Vista”, was selected for the contest after winning Beovizija with the maximum of 24 points. Naiva finished in second place, nine points behind Hurricane, with 15 points. Hurricane were also selected as the winners of the OGAE Serbia Award, which saw members of the Serbian OGAE club vote for their favourite entry.

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