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🇷🇺 Little Big serve up some ‘Tacos’

Feeling a bit hungry? There’s something very special on the menu today – TACOS! As the appetizer? Tacos! For the side order? More tacos! Not actual ones, but the next best thing which happens to be a fresh new release from Little Big titled ‘Tacos’.

“Tacos, tacos, tacos, tacos” – these beautifully poetic lyrics make up the chorus of a song that celebrates not only tacos, but nachos, pizza, curry and just food in general! The video features Dmitry Krasilov (who of course stole hearts with his splits in ‘Uno’) rubbing his eyes in disbelief as the Little Big gang dance in front of him dressed up as various condiments. And…and cereal. Did I mention the tortilla mummy and the ninja holding a giant hot dog yet? It’s a delicious buffet of catchy sounds with a suitably bonkers and creative music video that the band are known for.

Get a taste of it all on various streaming services. Check out the taco-rific YouTube video down below:

Little Big el número Uno

Animated GIF

Little Big were supposed to shake their legs and get legs shaking in Rotterdam this year. Their journey was cut short thanks to a certain worldwide pandemic, but that didn’t stop their entry ‘Uno’ from becoming the most viewed video on the Eurovision YouTube channel. Talk about living up to their name. If the song is currently not stuck in your mind, it’s time to change that! Listen to it again down below:

What are your thoughts on ‘Tacos’? Is it as catchy as their last songs? Most important, when will egg rolls get their own song?

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