Rotterdam 2021🇧🇬 Bulgaria

🇧🇬 BNT set up “Black Sea Songwriting Camp” to write 2021 entry

Will the black sea produce a winner? We’ll have to wait and see

The broadcaster responsible for the Bulgarian participation for the Eurovision Song Contest, BNT have today (15th August) announced more about the process behind their selection for their entry for the 2021 edition.

In 2021, Bulgaria will be represented by young up and coming talent Victoria Georgieva. She was the entrant in 2020 with the song “Tears Getting Sober”

The contest will take part in Rotterdam in May 2021. This comes after the 2020 edition of the contest was cancelled due to the Covid_19 global pandemic

Setting up camp

The camps will be located in the Bulgarian cities – Burgas and Primosko. The song writing camp will bring together the best songwriters the Black Sea reagion has to offer. These songwriters who are at present unknown will write an unknown number of songs that will be offered to BNT.

Further stages of the selection will be revealed by BNT at a later date. This has all been funded by the broadcaster and their commercial sponsors iCard who were sponsers of their 2020 bid.

We have an update

It has been further revealed that there will be four teams of songwriters. These songwriters will have 10 days to write, compose and produce the songs. Furthermore it’s also been announced that songs written will not be soley given to Victoria but to other artists competing for other nations.

What do you think of this venture by BNT? Will it bring the black sea nation a long awaited victory? Please feel free to comment below or get in touch with us at @escxtra on all social media platforms.

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