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🇫🇮 Erika Vikman releases new video ‘Syntisten pöytä’

Take a seat at the table of sinners!

Welcome to the weekend and your prime place at the table of sinners! New Music Friday is here and so is Erika Vikman. The Finnish UMK star is back with her latest single ‘Syntisten pöytä’

Syntisten pöytä

Today Erika Vikman has released her new single, the disco pop anthem, ‘Syntisten pöytä’. Feast your eyes and ears as Erika gives every lost soul the warmest welcome to hell. It’s Erika at her tongue in cheek best. Reminding everyone to literally say ‘to hell with it’, because sinning is a perception. In the end we are the same, however society defines us. Everyone on the outside of life is welcome inside to Erika’s banquet in hell.

I wanted to make an empowering song with a twinkle in the corner of my eye. The song encourages everyone to be themselves. I wanted anyone who has experienced feelings of being outsiders or being rejected or rejected in some way to feel part of the crowd. So the idea was born to make a song from the table of sinners, where everyone is welcome.

Erika Vikman

With visual nods back to ‘Cicciolina’, Erika swaps a pink catsuit for red, as she and her guests revel in a new society in hell. Where Erika is clearly our new leader. Who knew Schlager bangers are thriving in hell? That is going to be one busy queue to get in and find a table! ‘Syntisten pöytä’ is written by Janne Rintala, Kaisa Korhonen and Mika Laakkonen.

Listen to ‘Syntisten pöytä’

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Erika Vikman in UMK 2020

Earlier this year the former tango dancer took part in Finland’s national selection, ‘Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu.’ Although she would finish runner-up to eventual winner Aksel, Erika Vikman made sure nobody would forget her. Her tribute to Hungarian porn star turned politician, Ilona Staller, through the song ‘Cicciolina’ became a huge fan favourite. Erika thriving and writhing on the stage with her bears is the lasting legacy of 2020.

After UMK Erika donned costume again to take part in the Finnish version of The Masked Singer. Her stinging performances as the Wasp resulted in third place. Later this year Erika will embark on her Autumn tour. More information can be found here.

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