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🇮🇱 Netta reflects on changes to her life and career during COVID-19 lockdown

Eurovision 2018 winner Netta speaks on the COVID-19 pandemic, her daily life and career. She also touches on precarious situation the culture industry finds itself in due to the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the vast majority of us. However, it is interesting to hear details about it from someone living an unusual life already. Netta leads such an unusual life, as a member of a select club of Eurovision winners, and based in the cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv. As such a high-profile figure in the entertainment industry in Israel, she has been emphasising how important that entertainment is to society.

Speaking to Reuters a few days ago, she spoke of the difficulties in working for her and singers like her in a lockdown environment. She had to cancel a large promotion tour for her new single. She also had to find a new way to engage with her fans. The answer, like many other musical artists at different times this year, was to host internet performances. She started with podcasts and worked her way up to concerts, internet performances.

A few months ago, she released her new single ‘Cuckoo’, written before the pandemic. Yet, for containing the lyric ‘I’m like a bird in a cage’, it’s taken on a new meaning for fans.

‘There are more barriers now’

Netta has been reflecting on how art and music can help people through this difficult time, and the challenges it as an industry faces. Her tone is aspirational.

There are more barriers now that we’re going to have to learn how to break. We’re going to have to find inspiration within, and look for a deeper content.

Netta, speaking to Reuters

Still, there is plenty of worry for her and other Israeli musicians, with the national theatres still closed, and, like many other countries around the world, no government solution yet to ensuring that culture industries can stay afloat.

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