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Lead singer of the band Hooverphonic who will represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 – Alex Callier, has stated that the band’s entry has not yet been selected. This is contrary to recent media reports that the song had already been selected.

Hooverphonic were due to represent Belgium in Rotterdam in May 2020. This however did not happen. This is due to the Covid_19 pandemic that forced the organisers of the contest the EBU to cancel the 2020 edition. Hooverphonic were going to perform the song “Release Me”.

What Alex Callier stated.

Alex had this to say originally on the choosing process that has gone on behind the scenes.

Despite the bizarre summer, we have made good use of our time. I think I already have material for three new albums. We are now selecting. Choice stress!

Then follwed this up with the following, showing that the band are very open to a wide range of genres.

But the best songs do emerge. Some are in line with “Release Me” , others are not. You know us: “Looking for Stars” was very electronic, our current single “Summer Sun” is retro. So it can be very surprising .

Swiftly, however the rebuttal was issued.

The good listener therefore understands that, contrary to what other media have titled, the entry for the Eurovision 2021 has not yet been selected

Also what is important to note s that the stress of choosing the entry is shared among the three members of the band. Alex has highlighted that all three members of the band must agree unanimously on the song selected.

A message from higher up

The manager of Hooverphonic, Ann Bosmans gave further details on the band’s selection processfor 2021.

More than twenty songs’ have been written and the song for the Eurovision Song Contest will come from those songs. The decision has not yet been taken, and there is not even a meeting planned with VRT, who may work with Hooverphonic for the Eurovision Song Contest for the second year in a row, and the group’s record company.

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